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Life Skills Workshops

These programs are essential for young people to feel fulfillment and contribute to society while allowing them the opportunity to learn more about themselves.  Our life skills workshops include personal and professional development, self-motivation, financial literacy and one-on-one mentorship.

Financial Literacy:  The objective of this workshop is to provide at-risk youth the skills and knowledge to make informed decisions about managing money which includes understanding credit and debt, saving, investing and tax preparation.

 Our mentorship program allows for our youth to connect with someone that can guide them with their personal and professional development while showing compassion and empathy to their day-to-day struggles.

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Community Support

Life of Hope offers financial support to families in low-income communities such as academic coaching for students as well as food and poverty relief. We also sponsor meals for low-income families during the holidays such as our Turkey drive during Thanksgiving and Toy/Food drive during Christmas.

Tutoring Classes – We offer free tutorial classes and academic coaching to students of low-income families. Classes are run online by professional instructors and recent university graduates who provide specialized tutoring to each student. Services include Grades 6 – 12 Mathematics, Science, English, Chemistry and Physics.

Food and Grocery Relief – Life of Hope organizes events to distribute food (non-perishable grocery items), hygiene kits, grocery gift cards and other necessities to low-income communities. We have also partnered with organizations such as The Venetian Banquet & Hospitality Centre and Alectra Utilities to sponsor meals and grocery relief programs.

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Trades Apprenticeship

We partner with the top trade training centers such as Mississauga Trades, York Construction Academy, and Infrastructure Health and Safety Associations to deliver practical hands-on training to at-risk youth.  We focus mainly in the areas of Construction & Maintenance Technician, Powerline Apprenticeship Technician, or Cabinetry and Furniture Making.  

Job Placements / Internships – After successful completion of our apprenticeship program, we help connect youth with employers through partnerships with VPI Solutions, March of Dimes, Humber College Employment Services, and Trade Unions.

Career-Ready Workshops – We deliver workshops and information sessions to present potential opportunities and resources in the trades sector to at-risk youth within our communities.

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Wellness & Support

We promote mental, emotional and spiritual health by offering retreats, counselling, therapy, and mutual support groups to vulnerable and at-risk youth within the community. This program targets youth that have experienced trauma & abuse, living in shelters or at-risk at home.

Mental Health Workshops includes youth networking, coping with emotions/trauma, forgiveness and renewal retreat, discovering your gifts, and general support groups.

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